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To be a pilot in any capacity — be it private, for your own needs, or commercial for a lifetime career — the choice of the helicopter training school is very important.

We believe that every student needs a training program tailored to their needs. Students should feel comfortable in the aircraft and, most importantly, they need to feel comfortable with the people training them. We provide top-quality, safe equipment. We have a number of fully qualified instructors, ready to train you.

If becoming a commercial pilot and flying for your career is the dream, then we would like to help you get there. Finding that first job can sometimes be a hard task, so here at The Helicopter Group we try to look after our students, and give them the chance to kickstart their new career in the industry. We have bases at Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Katherine George, and Wine Glass Bay where we currently employ 11 pilots who have trained with us.


The PPL(H) course is a 50+ hour course for the recreational aviator who wishes to be proficient or the private owner who is planning to purchase an aircraft. It’s comprised of theory and flying syllabus items.

The –°PL(H) course is for those who wish to work as a helicopter pilot.

Why train with us? Unlike some flight training schools, we have bases at Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Katherine George, and Wine Glass Bay, where we currently employ 11 pilots. Priority goes to students who train with us to kick start your career in the industry, and help you get your foot in the door.

We offer a variety of courses for ratings and endorsements required in the helicopter industry. We create real exercises designed to equip you with the reactive skills to overt dangerous situations.