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Trial Introductory Flight

For 30 Minutes

Trial Introductory Flight (Helicopter)

The aim of a T.I.F is to give you an enjoyable hands-on experience that you won’t soon forget. The lesson starts out with a briefing by your instructor. The briefing will entail the aircraft’s controls and what they do, how to control the helicopter, and the type of flying that you will be doing.

After the briefing, it’s time to fly. You and your instructor will take to the air for your first lesson. Your instructor will hand the controls over to you one at a time, and then within about 15 minutes, you will be in control of the helicopter as you fly freely through the sky to the Moorabbin training area, where your instructor will guide you through an array of upper-air manoeuvres.

The thrill of taking the controls of a helicopter will stay with you forever. Go on an adventure with your qualified instructor and experience the joy of flying over the suburbs of Melbourne in our Hughes 300 helicopter.

Whether it’s a bucket list item, the start of your private licence, or your dream to become a professional helicopter pilot, this is where we all started.

The flight lasts for approximately 30 minutes, and should you choose to go on with a licence, it will count towards your flight time.

Take this Flight

To schedule the lesson with an instructor or get more information about the course, contact us today via phone +61 (03) 9580 7177 or contact form.

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