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Ratings & Endorsements

We offer the following ratings and endorsements:

  • INSTRUCTOR RATING: Allows a pilot to instruct a student on how to fly a helicopter. This is a 40-hour course.
  • SLING ENDORSEMENT: Enables a Commercial Pilot to fly with a load attached to the cargo hook beneath the helicopter.
  • TWIN ENDORSEMENT: Enables the Pilot to fly a Twin Engine Helicopter that he or she is endorsed on.
  • FLOAT ENDORSEMENT: A requirement to fly a helicopter which has fixed float landing gear.
  • LOW FLYING TRAINING: Enables the Pilot to fly at low level on activities such as Aerial Filming, Surveys and other approved activities. This is a 5-hour course and is usually included in a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Endorsements on a number of helicopters:

  • Robinson R22/R44
  • Bell 47
  • Bell Jet Ranger B206
  • Bell 505 Jet Ranger X
  • Bell Long Ranger B206L
  • AS 350 Squirrel
  • AS 355 Squirrel
  • Agusta 109
  • Eurocopter EC 120
  • Eurocopter EC 130
  • Hughes/Schweizer 300
  • Hughes 500

Every opportunity is used to perfect all emergency procedures. We believe passing the flight test is just the first step in giving you the knowledge to protect yourself and the helicopter in the unlikely event of an emergency. That’s why we create real exercises designed to equip you with the reactive skills to overt dangerous situations.

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To book in for a new rating/endorsement, or get more information about the courses, contact us today via phone +61 (03) 9580 7177 or contact form.

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